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1 - helpmate 7# 3 solutions with moa and grasshoppers

Kotesovec, V.

white WGh1 Kd7 black BGc7 Kd5 MOf4
h#7 3sol.(2+3)
🨟h1, 🨥c7: Grasshoppers
🨽f4: Moa
Creeping knight, starting with a bishop step and then a rook step


2 - 2# 3 solutions couscous circe with camel and grasshoppers

Pachl, F.

white WGb1c7f4 Ra6h5 Bd1 Sd5g7 Pd3e6 Kh7 CAe4 black BGh4 Pf3d2b2a4b5h6 Ba2b4 Qa3 Sc6 Kd6
#2 3sol. couscous circe(12+12)
b1, c7, f4, h4: Grasshoppers
e4: Camel
kind of Knight but (1,3) instead of (1,2).
a captured piece is reborn on the original square of the capturing piece



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