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1 - h#2 duplex circe

Grevlund, P.

white Pd7f7h5 Kf6 black Ke1 Pe2g2
h#2 duplex Circe(4+3)
the statement works regardless of who starts.
In other words: B-W-B-W# or W-B-W-B#
a captured piece is reborn on its original square if it is free, otherwise it disappears.


2 - 5 symetrical point

symetrical point two units placed symmetrically in relation to the centre of the board (the common point of squares d4, e4, e5 & d5)
exchange their way of moving.

Fayers, P.

white Pa2b2c2d2e3f2g2h2 Ra1h1 Sb1g1 Bc1f1 Kd1 Qe1 black Pa7b7c7d7e7f7g7h7 Sg8b8 Ra8h8 Bc8f8 Qd8 Ke8
     PJ 5 symetrical point(16+16)


3 - s#30 Mars Circe

Smits, G.

white Pb4b6a2f4g2 Ra8 Se4 Kg3 black Rb5 Kh1
s#30 Mars Circe(8+2)
To perform a capture a piece virtually passes through its original square


4 - 2# equihoppers

Lytton, C.

white WEa7 Kc3 Pc7e6 Qc8 black BEd7 Pa3a6c6h2g4g6 Sa8 black Royal BEa1
🩈a7, 🩉d7: equihoppers
🩉a1: Royal equihopper
Equihopper plays symmetrically with respect to any unit, provided he does not leave the board. Thus, the Royal equihopper can go to e5 and could go to a5 if this square was not controlled by the a7 equihopper.


5 - pat aidé 9= sentinels minimum double

Cefle, K.

white Pa3c5e3 Ke1 black Pa4a5e4h6 Kc6
h=9 Sentinels(4+5)
minimum double
each move deflates a pawn on the starting square except for the 1st and 8th rows

the move played must be the shorter of the piece playing
Traditionally, only Black is involved, but in minimum double, both sides are involved



6 - inv 7# masand

Bryukhanov, I.

white Bb6a4 Pc5 Sc4d3 Kc1 black Ka1
s#7 masand(6+1)
when a piece checks, all the units it "observes" change colour (except for Kings)


7 - 2# eiffel chess

Gockel, H.

white Kc1 Qd4 Be1c4 Pa2 Ra8 black Pb2d3d7 Rb4a4 Ka3 Ba6 Qf8
#2 eiffel chess(6+8)
the units are paralysed according to the P-N-B-R-Q-P cycle.
Thus, the b2-pawn does not check the white king


8 - 2# breton

Loustau, JM.

white Ba2c3 Rc4e6g5f3 Pc6d6f6e3 Kf7 Sd2h5 Qh1 black Sb3 Rf4f2 Kd5 Pe7f5e5e4 Bf8
#2 breton(14+9)
breton after each capture, a unit of the same nature must disappear (if possible) from the capturing side.
If there is more than one, the choice lies with the capturing side.

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