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1 - h#2,5 3 solutions mars circe

Innocenti, D.

white Rc2 Sf2 black Kd2
h#2.5 mars Circe(2+1)
3 solutions
the movements are normal, but for the capture, it is necessary to virtually pass by its original square


2 - 2# amu

Lytton, C.

white Kb7 Ba6b4 Pc7e3c2 Re8a4 Sd7f5 Qg4 black Pa7 Kd5 Sg1 Rh1
#2 AMU(11+4)
a move can only checkmate if the checkmating unit was initially observed by one and only one enemy unit.



3 - h#2 5 solutions super-circe with Lion and neutral Empress and Camel

Soulivy, K.

neutral CAe3 EMe1 white LIg3 black Kd3
🩃e3: neutral Camel
🨗e1: neutral Empress
🨴g3: Lion
Knight + Rook.
bouncer (1,3). remind : Knight is a bouncer (1,2)
move on the Queen's lines with help of a sautoir and lands on any square after the sautoir
as long as the route is clear.

On the diagram, black King is in double check (🨗e1 & 🨴g3), last move was 🨗f3-e1+.


4 - 2# checkless chess

Gockel, H.

white Be8e5 Sa6f2 Ra5 Qf3 Ph2d5 Kg1 black Rd8a2 Qb7 Pc5b3b2h3g5 Kc4 Sa4 Bb1
#2 (9+11)
Only valuable checks are checkmates


5 - h#2 anti-circé symétrique

Tritten, P.

white Sa3g7 Bd2 Rc6 Kg8 Ph5 black Pd4g6 Sf8 Kh6 Bg5h3
h#2 symetrical anti-circe(6+6)
b) -Nf8
the capturing piece is reborn on the square symmetrical to the centre of the board



6 - h#2 2 solutions patrol with neutral pieces

Onkoud, A.

neutral Rb2 Bd1 white Kc1 Pg2f3 Sd5e5 black Pf4f5d6c6c5d4 Ke6
h#2 Patrol(5+7+2)
2 solutions
🨂b2: neutral Rook
🨃d1: neutral Bishop
you can only capture and check if you are supported by a unit of your side.
Can be played by either side




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