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1 - 2# with nightriders

Dawson, TR.

white Rh8d1 Pf2 Bg3 Kh2 Sa5a4 Qb4 black Nb1e2 Kc7 Sa8 Pe7e5f3a2 Be4b2 Ra1
🨨b1, e2: Nightriders
Extended knight


2 - h#9 functionaries

Cefle, K.

white Ra6 Ka1 black Kh1 Bh4 Sa8
h#9 functionaries(2+3)
A unit can only move if it is "observed" by an enemy unit



3 - s#6 functionaries

Paradzinsky, O.

white Rd5c1 Kb1 black Pc6c4 Kb3
s#6 functionaries(3+3)


4 - h#2 3 solutions with kangaroos & nightrider

Trommler, S & Pachl F

white WKa6e7 Ka4 Qf4 Pd3 black Sg6 Pg7a3g5h5f3 Bc4 Nb5 BKa2h4c5 Kh6 Rf5d1
h#2 (5+14)
🨴a6, e7, 🨺a2, h4, c5: Kangourou
🨨b5: Nightrider
3 solutions
moves on the Queen's lines with two sautoirs on the same line
The arrival square must be free or occupied by an opponent's piece

It is necessary to neutralize 3 animals (♜f5, ♝Fc4 & 🨨b5) likely to intercept the 6th row.
One of these animals will be hidden on the 8th and then intercepted on the f7 square by another, while the 3rd will be taken.


5 - s#8 imitating pieces

Caillaud, M.

white Ka5 Ra6f5 Pb6e3e2a4 Bc7 Se7 white Royal Sd6 black Kc5 black Royal Bd5
s#8 (10+2)
d6, d5: imitating pieces
an imitating piece acquires the walk (in addition to its own) of the pieces (friendly or opponent) it "observes"



6 - h#2 take & make >anti take & make >neutres

Foster, G.

neutral Pe2e7 white Kg3 black Kh1
h#2 T&M anti T&M(1+1+2)
After a capture the capturing piece pays posthumous homage to the captured piece by making a movement without capturing the march of the captured piece
In anti Take & Make, the captured piece pays homage to itself
Can be played by either side



7 - 2# Annan

Gockel, H.

white Ra8e4 Ke8 Qe6 Sc4 Pe3c2 black Pb7c6b5 Sg6a4 Kb4 Rg4
#2 Annan(7+7)
a unit acquires the march of the friendly unit "under" it (to its south).
For example, Kb4 moves as a pawn as well as Re4




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