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1 - PG 7,5 boléro

In Bolero, a non-capturing figure adopts the step of the one initially on the same column.
Captures are normally played.

"Tritten, P.

white Bc1f1 Ke1 Qd1 Ph2g2f2e2d2c2b2a2 Sg1b1 Rh1a1 black Bb3f8 Ke8 Qd8 Pa7b7c7d6e6f7g7h7 Sg8 Rh8a8
     PG 7,5 boléro(16+14)


2 - 2# with locusts

Petrovic, N.

white Pc7c5b5b3f2f6g5 Kc1 Bd6 WLc8h7a6g3 black Pa7a5c3f7h5g4h2 Ke4 Bd3g1 BLd5d4
🨊c8, h7, a6, g3, 🨐d5, d4: Locustes
A kind of Grasshopper that swallows the sautoir, which must necessarily be an opposing unit.
The square just behind must be vacant


3 - 2# with chinese pieces

Loustau, JM.

white VAg1f3 LEb1 NAe1a4f8 Ka8 Qf2 Pb3 Sg3 Rh7 Ba6c7 black Pa7f6 Kd5 LEb6 PAe5f1h4
🨻e5, f1, h4: Pao
🨶g1, f3: Vao
🨷e1, a4, f8: Nao
🨺b1, b6: Leo
Chinese pieces move normally except to make a capture
. where they need a jumper



4 - h#2 4 solutions with imitation pieces (black King and white Bishop)

Stun, J.

white Kf7 Be5 black Pb5c2e2 Sd4 Ke4
h#2 bK & wB imitation pieces(2+5)
4 solutions
can move normally but also like the pieces they threaten,
or like those of their side they control


5 - h#2 sentinels b) sentinels opposit pawns

De Haas, B.

white Sb7 black Ka6 Ba7
h#2 Sentinels(1+2)
b) sentinels opposit pawns
In Sentinels, each playing figure leaves a pawn on its starting square (except the 1st or 8th row),
provided that the number of pawns on the same side does not exceed 8.
In Sentinels in opposit pawn, the pawn left is the opponent's colour.


6 - h#4 Kobul Kings b) ♞g8 to b8

Tritten, P & Foster G

white Pf2 Ke1 Bc1 black Pg7 Ke8 Sg8
h#4 Rois Kobul(3+3)
b) ♞g8 --> b8
When a figure is captured, the king of the side of the figure acquires its march.
He becomes a normal King again if a pawn is captured.


7 - serial selfmate 12# circe madrasi

Wenda, K.

white Pb6c6d2c4b3 Kh2 Rc2 Ba1 black Bb7e5 Ka8 Qc5 Pg2 Sd6g3 Re2
ser-s#12 circe madrasi(8+8)
White plays n legal moves in a row and forces Black to mate in 1 move
a captured piece is reborn on its original square if it is free, otherwise it disappears
two opposing pieces of same nature which observe each other are paralysed


8 - 2# annan

Gockel, H.

white Be2f5 Kh1 Qc4 Pc5d2g7 Se5f7 Rg4 black Qh6 Pc6d4e3d3h2h3 Kh5 Bg5
#2 Annan(10+9)
a unit acquires the march of the friendly unit "below" it (on the south)


9 - 2# bicaptures

Bakcsi, G.

white Bc4 Ka8 Qg3 Pa7c6e6f5g5e4e3 Se2a5 Rb8 black Pc7e7g4e5c5 Kd6
#2 bicaptures(13+6)
bicaptures any unit can take units from its own side as well as from the opposing side.



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