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1 - 2# with chinese piece

Monréal, P & Calvet F

white WVh6c5e3 PAa6f1 Ka2 Qa7 Pb3d5h5 Sd3h8 Rg1g5 black BVd4 Kf6 MAc3h2h4c4b8d8 Sg8 Ph7
🨵a6, f1: Pao
🨶h6, c5, e3, 🨼d4: Vao
🨓d8, b8, c4, c3, h4, h2: Mao
Move normaly, but need a hurdle to capture
Mao is a particular case of Chinese piece, it is a Crawling Knight
with first a Rook step and then a Bishop step


2 - reflex 2# anti-circe

Rehm, HP & Millour RJ

white Ba6c3 Ke5 Qf7 Pc5d7e6f6g6g3 Sa5g2 Rh2a3 black Be8 Kf3 Qb5 Pf2 Sg7e2 Rb6d3
r#2 Anti-Circe(14+8)
When a mat is submitted to one of the two sides, he is forced to play it.
A capturing piece reborn on its original square and the captured piece disappears.
When the renaissance square is not free the capture is illegal unless the capture and renaissance square are the same
in which case a distinction is made between the Calvet type ( authorised capture) and the Cheylan type (prohibited).


3 - h#2 3 solutions andernach

Lois, J & Kapros J

white Ke6 Rb1g6 Bd4f3 black Qd3 Pf2h2h5c4 Kg1 Bf1g3
h#2 andernach(5+8)
3 solutions
after a capture, the workpiece changes its colour.



4 - h#2 with Witch (Orphelin + Ami)

Brown, DL.

white Sg2 Kh1 WOc6 black Kc4 BOe3
b) ♘g2-->g1
⚆c6, ⚈e3: witches
Witch is either an Orphan and a Friend
adopts the moving way of the opposing units attacking it.
adopts the moving way of it's side units protecting it
Witches who receive such a power transmit it in turn.


5 - 4# circe with nightrider b) -♟f5

Werner, D.

white Sa3 Pd4 Kf6 Rc4 Bf3c1 black Pf5a4g2 Sf7 Bd7 Kd3 Nb7
#4 circe(6+7)
b) -♟f5
🨨b7: Nightrider
A captured piece reborn on its original square.
Knight extended in successive jumps


6 - h#2 volage with lions b) doubles Grasshoppers

Basic, B.

white Pa6b5d3a4b2 Kd7 LIa2 black Pc4e5c5 Kb6 LIc7
h#2 volage(7+5)
a) 🨴a2, 🨺c7: Lion
b) 🨊a2, 🨐c7: Double Grasshopper
Any unit that changes its square colour also changes its colour. But only once!
piece playing on the Queen's lines with the help of a hurdle

makes two grasshopper movements

moves on the Queen's lines with the help of a hurdle behind which she lands.


7 - series h#7 anti-circe transmuted Kings

Harris, P.

white Kg8 black Bb2f3 Kc1 Qc3 Pb3g6f6d6 Sd1 Rd3
ser-h#7 Anti-Circe(2+15)
transmuted Kings
King takes the march of the piece that checks him


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