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1 - hs=6 3 solutions with sparrow and moose

Kotesovec, V.

white Kd4 SWe3 black Kf4 Me2e8
hs=6 3sol.(2+3)
🨢e3: Sparrow
🨺e2, e8: Moose
kind of Grasshopper which instead of arriving just after the sautoir, lands coming back 45° backwards
Kind of Grasshopper also but with an angle of 45° on the front of the sautoir
His movement over a short distance is that of a Knight: the White King is in check by the moose e2.


2 - h#2 2 solutions symmetry point

Crisan, V.

white Royal Kc8 black Royal Ke3 white Rc4 Bf5 black Bh3h6 Qf1 Pa5g7 Sd5 Ra3c1
h#2 symmetry point(3+9)
2 solutions
symmetry pointtwo units placed symmetrically with respect to the centre of the chessboard
. (the common point of squares d4, e4, e5 & d5) exchange their moving way.
Thus, the wRc4 moves like a Bishop, the wBf5 like a Rook.


3 - h#2,5 with AP reverse Boléro Kings Included

Petkov, P.

white Royal Kd1 Ra7 black Royal Pd6d3 Ke8 Bc3e4
h#2,5 reverse Boléro KI(2+5)
apparent play
moves making a capture are played normally.
A non-capturing figure adopts the march of the one originally on the same column.
It therefore plays like a Rook if it is on the "a" column or the "h" column,
. like a Knight if it is on "b" or "g", etc...
In Reverse Bolero, this applies to moves making a capture,
. the moves that do not capture are normal.
Of course, in "Kings included", the Kings also adopt this way of doing things.



4 - h#2 2 solutions with hedgehogs

Joudon, L.

white Kh1 EHd1a2 black Pe7e5 Ke6 Bc5 Sd5
h#2 2sol.(3+5)
🨊d1, a2: Hedgehog
The Hedgehog walks like a Queen, but must start from or reach a strip.
Without, however, being allowed to travel from one strip to another !


5 - h#2 2 solutions with Hedgehogs

Feather, Ch

white Pd2 Kg8 WHe4d4b5 black Pe2e7c4 Kd3 Ba2 BHc8d8h7h3
h#2 2sol.(5+9)
🨊e4, d4, b5, 🨐c8, d8, h3, h7: Hedgehog



6 - h#2# 2 solutions anti-circe

Loerinc, J. & Dragoun M

white Pe7g6g5 Se1 Bd6h7 Kb2 Rg1f7 black Be3 Kf4 Qa7 Pf2e2g7g4b4 Sh2e5 Re8f6
h#2 Anti-circe 2sol.(9+12)
the capturing piece is reborn on its original square if this one is free,
. otherwise, the move is illegal
Kxg5 is never possible as the e8 square is occupied.


7 - h#2 3 solutions isardam anti-circe

Tritten, P.

white Pf7 Ka2 black Qd3 Pg4h5 Be7 Rg8 Kf5
h#2 3sol.(2+6)
two opposing units of the same nature may not mutually "observe".


8 - 2# relegation chess

Paavilainen, J.

white Bg7h1 Kb5 Qe1 Pe6d2 Sa4d4 Re4 black Pb6e7f4e2b2a2 Sf6 Bb1c1 Kd3 Ra1
#2 relegation(9+11)
any unit arriving on his 2nd row becomes a pawn.

9 - 2# anti-circe Cheylan

Gockel, H.

white Bh5 Kd5 Qc2 Pa2d6b6e7c3g2 Sb2 Rb7e4 black Qd1 Pd7a3d3e3e5 Kb3 Bc7h1 Sa4b1
#2 Anti-circe(12+11)
The capture on the rebirth square is forbidden.
Without this restriction, Qxd1 (with rebirth in d1) would be mat

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