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1 - hs#3 3 solutions francfort Chess

Smotrov, S.

white Qd8 Pg2 Kb6 black Pf7 Sc5 Ke5
hs#3 3sol.(3+3)
Francfort chess
a capturing unit adopts the moving way of the captured unit


2 - 2# circe

Petkov, P & Gandev K

white Qe7 Re3e5 Bf4e8 Sd2d6 Kd8 black Pe4g6e6b7c5c3 Sf6 Bh4 Kd4 Rb5
#2 Circe(8+10)
a captured piece is reborn on its original square if it is free


3 - serial h#3 10 solutions with Grasshopper

Gandev, K.

white Be1c8 Ga4 Kh7 Qa6 Pd4g5c7b6d2c2 Se3f7 Re2 black Pf2 Kc6
ser-h#3 10sol.(!)(14+2)
🨟a4: Grasshopper
Black plays n series moves after which he is checkmated in 1 move
. piece moving on the Queen's lines with the help of a sautoir
. the square just behind the sautoir must be free or occupied by an opponent's unit



4 - h#9 3 solutions köko, maximum Whites

Kotesovec, V.

white Ke1 Rd2 black Sf4 Kg7
h#9 3sol.(2+2)
Köko, maximum White
at the arrival of a move, it is necessary to be in contact with another piece
. whites are required to play the geometrically longest moves


5 - 4# with roses

Loustau, JM.

white Bh5b8 Kh1 Pc7 Sc4c6 Rd3 WRh7 black Be1 Kc8 Qf2a2 Pd6b7b6g3 Sh2g1 Rg4 BRb1g2
󼎜h7, 󼎝b1, g2: Roses
Extended knight in a rounded manner



6 - h#2 2 solutions lortap locusts

Pachl, F & Müller D

white Se7 Ph2a2 Kf3 Le2f4 black Pc6c5c3c2e3f5h4h3 Be8 Rb8 Kc4
h#2 2sol.(9+6)
🨊e2, f4: Locusts
one must not be supported by a unit of one's own side to capture or check.


7 - s#6 royal dynasty

Marlo, T.

white Qc1 Pf5 Kg2h2 Rd8h1 Ba5 black Pe6 Ke2
royal dynasty
a side can possess multiple "Kings", who do not have royal prerogatives,
can be left in check and captured, unless... there is only one of them left !


8 - 1# mars circe

Caillaud, M.

white Pb7 Ke8 black Pb2 Ke1 Ba8
mars circe
the pieces move normally but capture from their original square

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