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1 - hs#3 breton anti-andernach with rose

Petkov, P.

white Pd6b6b5f5g6 Sd7 Rb4 Ke7 Bc2 black Qg8 Pa7b7a5d5e5f3f2 Ka8 ROe8h4
hs#3 breton(9+11)
󼎝e8, h4: Rose
b) ♙d6 --> a6
Breton : after each capture, a unit of the same nature must disappear (if possible) from the capturing side
: a unit changes colour if it does not capture


2 - h#2 3 sol take & make, zebu, night zebra

Barth, M & Pachl F

neutral CHh6 ZEh3 Se2 Rb4 ZRd5 black Qh5 Pa7a5 Ka6 white Ke6
h#2 3sol(1+4+5)
🨙h3: neutral Zebu
🨂b4: neutral Rook
🨄e2: neutral Knight
🩃h6: neutral Leaper 2,4
🨮d5: neutral Zebrarider
: after a Take, the capturing piece is required to Make a move with the moving way of the captured piece
(a sort of posthumous tribute, as Alain ... Delon would say)
. : leaper (2,3)
: extended Zebra
. : conjunction of a Camel and a Giraffe, in other words a 1-3 and 1-4 Leaper at the same time
Leapers (2,4): To better familiarize ourselves with the 2-4 Leapers, we can observe that they are a Diminished Nightrider
(or a double Knight)
. neutral piece: piece that can be played indifferently by white or black


3 - 2# avec locustes et rose-locuste

Cheylan, Y.

white Bf1 Kf6 Lc1e8g8h8 Pg4 Se6 LSh1 black Ph5d4b3 Kd3 Bd1e2
🨊c1, e8, g8, h8: Locust
󼎜h1: Rose Locust
: A grasshopper that swallows its sautoir

. : Piece moving like a Queen, but with the help of a sautoir behind which it lands
Note that the square just behind the sautoir must be free or occupied by an enemy unit

: Rose needing a sautoir to move, which sautoir she swallows



4 - h#3 2 solutions back-to-back with Nightrider Mao

Foster, G.

white NAh1 Ke3 black Pb3 Kg4
h#3 back-to-back(2+2)
🨷h1: Nightrider Mao
: The Mao is a creeping Knight who makes a rook step and then a bishop step,
but he needs the square for his rook step to be free.
. And "at night", the cats may not all be grey but the animals extend their march.
. So NMh1 can play f2, d3 (because e2 is free), b4 and g3 but not f5 because g4 is occupied
back-to-back: if two pieces of opposite colour are "back-to-back",
for example a white one on e5 and a black one on e4, they exchange moving way the time of the opposite.


5 - h#4 circe with neutral pawns b) ♚a8

Feather, Ch

neutral Pg4f3 black Ka1 white Kd3
h#4 Circe(1+1+2)
🨅g4, f3: neutral Pawns
b) ♚a1-->a8
: a captured unit is reborn on its native square


6 - h#2 isardam with first a) vao then b) pao

Loerinc, J.

white WVe3 black BVg3 Kc7 PAc1
h#2 Isardam(1+3)
🨻c1: Pao
🨶e3, 🨼g3: Vao
b) 🨵e3
: It is illegal for 2 opposing units of the same kind to observe each other
. : moves normally, but needs a sautoir to make a capture


7 - serial h#17 2 sol with nightrider-hopper and Grasshopper

Novomesky, D.

white Pc6 Kb6 black NHb2 Kb1 Gh1
ser-h#17 2sol.(2+3)
🨥h1: Grasshopper
🨽b2: Nightrider hopper
: needs a sautoir to move, behind which he lands at a Knight's step


8 - h#3 3 solutions with Paos & Vao

Wong, P.

white VAd5 Ke6 PAb1h6 black Bc6 Kh1 Qh8 Pg7b6b5 Sa3 Ra1
h#3 3sol.(4+8)
🨵b1, h6: Paos
🨶d5: Vao


9 - serial h#3 4 solutions anti-circe

Millour, RJ.

white Bg8 Kh5 Qf8 Pe7f7 Sd7d4 Re3 black Pc3b2 Kc4 Re8 Bb4
ser-h#3 Anti-circe(8+5)
4 solutions
: During a capture, the capturing piece returns to its native square...
if it is free, otherwise the capture is illegal


10 - h#2 2 solutions take & make

Tritten, P.

white Sd7 Rc8 Bb8 Ke8 black Be5d3 Kd5 Qh4 Pb6a6d4 Sb7g6 Rc5f1
h#2 Take&Make(4+11)
2 solutions


11 - s#2 Fuddled Men

Bissicks, P.

white Kf3 Ra1 black Pg6 Kh1 Bf1
s#2 Fuddled Men(2+3)
: a unit must rest after each move to digest its alcohol


12 - #2 sat

Gockel, H.

white Bb8 Ka8 Qb4 Pa7g4 Sg3g7 Ra4 black Qg2 Pg6h6g5h3 Kh4 Bh1 Sf2
#2 sat(8+8)
: a King is in check when... he threatens to play on a square where he is not in check in the traditional sense.
. It is checkmate if the King cannot deny himself this "free" square.


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