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1 - h#3 2 solutions take & make

Crisan, V & Balasubramanian

white Pa2b2a4 Ka3 Bd6 Sb5c2 Re3 black Rb4c5 Sd4 Bb3d3 Kh6 Ph5h7g7
hs#3 Take & Make(8+9)
2 solutions
: white plays and black collaborate until the last move
where white forces black to checkmate in 1 move
. : after a take ("take"), the captured piece is required to make a complementary move ("make")
without taking with the moving way of the captured piece (a kind of posthumous tribute)


2 - h#2 infra-functionary anti-circe

Tritten, P.

white Pe3 Be7 Rh6 Kb1 black Pg7f4g2e2 Bf1d2 Rg8g3 Ke1
h#2 infra-functionary(4+9)
b) ♚e1-->d1
: the captured piece is reborn on its original square if it is free, otherwise the capture is illegal
. : In infra-functionary (foolishly called " defiant ", which means nothing,
by the adepts of the political-speak, whereas "infra-functionary" imposes itself as logically symmetrical of "ultra-patrol")
one can play a unit without condition, it is only to capture that one must be observed by an enemy unit.


3 - h=4 toric chessboard

Mintz, Y.

white Pd7f6 Kd4 black Ph7g2d2 Kc6
h=4 toric chessboard(3+4)
: A bit difficult to visualize, but roughly one can go from a to h by going left
and from 1 to 8 by going down!
You can also place 8 chessboards around the main chessboard



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