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1 - maximum s#2 with grasshopper

Hofmann, R.

white Bg1 Gd5 Kd4 Pe5f7g7g6f3 Sh4d1 Ra6h2 black Pc4a2h3f2f4f5 Kb4
s#2 maximum(12+7)
🨟d5: Grasshopper
: black is required to play the geometrically longest moves
: move on the Queen's lines with a sautoir
the space between the starting square and the sautoir must be free
and the square behind the sautoir must be free or occupied by an opponent's piece


2 - 2# functionnaries

Rosner, E & Gockel H

white Bh1 Kd5 Qg8 Pb7b6c3 Sc5g7 Rd2f5 black Bb4e8 Kd8 Qb5 Pa4a3e7 Sh6 Rb8g4
#2 functionnaries(10+10)
: can only be played under the condition of being observed by an enemy unit.
Be8 is well pinned because of Nh6, all black units are immobilized.
In the position, only Bb4 can play, which will no longer be the case after the key



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