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1 - White to play and win

Beasley, J.

white Pa5b7 Kb4 black Ka7
b) vertical cylinder
c) horizontal cylinder
: one can go from the a-file to h or from h to a
. For example, in the position, the black king can go to h8, h7 but not h6 where it would be in check by the a5 pawn!
: you can go from row 8 to 1 or from 1 to 8


2 - hs#2,5 kobul Kings b) ♞c5 on c4

Crisan, V & Kostadinov D

white Qc2 Pa5d4 Kc6 black Qd8 Sc5b5 Ka1
hs#2.5 Kobul(4+4)
b) ♞c5-->c4
: A King catches the moving way of the last captured piece of his side
. In the particular case of the capture of a pawn, it resumes its normal march


3 - 4# with locusts

Loustau, JM.

white Pa5b4b2e2 Sa7d2 Rc4 Ka6 Bc1b1 black Bh5 Ka4 Lg1g3g4g6 Qh2 Pg2 Rh3
🨐g1, g3, g4, g6: Locusts
: moves along the Queen's lines with the help of a sautoir, which she swallows
and behind which she lands



4 - h#3,5 2 sol masand

Rallo, V.

white Ke3 Sd4 black Pe4 Se6 Be7 Ke5
h#3.5 Masand(2+4)
2 solutions
: a piece that checks causes the pieces it "observes" (except Kings) to change colour


5 - h#2 isardam circe b) ♜a6 on e4

Rittirsch, M.

white Qf4 Pd7 Kg6 Rb7 black Bf8g4 Kc6 Qa4 Pe7b4b3d2e2g2h3 Sg3 Ra6e8
h#2 Isardam Circe(4+14)
b) ♜a6-->a4
: it is illegal for 2 opposing units of the same kind to observe each other

. : A captured piece is reborn on its native square if it is free otherwise it disappears


6 - 2# anti-circe with rook-lions & bishop-lions

Gvozdjak, P.

white Bd1 Ke5 Qh1 Ph2c2b7e7f6h5 Sd7e8 Rf1 RLb1 black RLb6c5d4f3 BLe1h3b8 Sd6g8 Kc8 Pf2h6f7
#2 Anti-Circé(13+13)
e1, h3, b8: Fou-Lion
b1, b6, c5, d4, f3: Tour-Lion
: moves as a rook or bishop, respectively, using a sautoir
. The squares must be free between the start square and the sautoir, as well as between the sautoir and the finish square
: a capturing piece is reborn on its original square if it is free otherwise the capture is illegal
. Note that the black king is not in check, because b7xc8 would require either a rebirth on b1, d1, f1 or h1 in case of orthodox promotion,
or a rebirth in c8 in case of promotion in rook or bishop, because we suppose that the fairy pieces come from promotion.
But this revival is impossible in Cheylan type, which is always the case when one does not specify,
notwithstanding the fact that the notwithstanding the fact that the anti-circle was invented by F.Calvet.


7 - s#9 kamikaze

Stein, I.

white Be7a4 Ke3 Qd3 Pb3c2d2g3d7f3 Sb8e8 Rh6a6 black Kf5 Pc3e4g4 Sd4b2 Re6 Bh7d6
s#9 Kamikaze(14+9)
: in a capture the two pieces disappear, the captured piece and the capturing one

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