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1 - #2 with Quintessences

Quah, J.

white Bg2e7 Kg8 Qh6 Pg5 Sc6d7 WQc5h2 black Ph3g6e6 Bb2 Rb3 Kf5 BQd1b5
🨷c5, h2, 🨽d1, b5: Quintessence
: A Quintessence is a Nightrider forking 90 degrees with each move. For example a Quintessence a1 can play b3, d2, e4, g3 & h5.


2 - h#5 circe

Peele, R & Lytton C

white Pf2 Kg4 black Ke7 Bf6 Sf4h7
h#5 Circe(2+4)
: a captured piece is reborn on its native square if it is free, otherwise it disappears


3 - hs#4 Andernach Isardam

Moralee, F.

white Ph7g7h5a6 Ka3 black Ph2a2a4 Kh6
hs#4 andernach isardam(5+4)
the capturing piece changes colour
. it is illegal for 2 opposing pieces of the same nature to threaten each other



4 - h#3 4 solutions Transmuted Kings

Prentos, K.

white Ka8 Re8 black Kh1 Rc3
h#3 Transmuted Kings(2+2)
4 solutions
: in check, the King catches the moving way of the threatening piece


5 - direct stalemate 22 moves Mars Circe

Innocenti, D.

white Ph7h4g4c2 black Ph5g5c3a6 Ke5
ser-=22 Mars Circe(4+5)
: Pieces move normally, but to capture, they virtually pass through their native square


6 - aidé 4# Clone Circe

Rice, J.

white Ke1 Sc2 black Pd3e3f3 Ke4 Rd2
h#4 Clone Circe(2+5)
b)♘c2-->b3 Chameleon Circe
: the captured unit takes the nature of the capturing unit and is reborn accordingly. Captures by the King follow the rules of normal Circe
: a captured piece rises in rank before being reborn, according to the N-B-R-Q pattern.
Pawns are reborn as in normal Circe


7 - serial h#69 Circe Exchange with roses

Kotesovec, V.

white Sa2 ROb7f6 Ke5 black Kh3
ser-h#69 Circe Exchange(4+1)
󼎜b7, f6: Rose
: Extended knight with rounded path
. : the captured piece returns to the starting square of the capturing piece.
This masterpiece, which would have deserved a first prize, was under-ranked by the judges,
talking slyly about "computer-assisted composition".
As if the others were not...
Furthermore, the said judges botch the problem in two lines without explaining anything.



8 - #2 Calvet anti-circe with lions

Caillaud, M.

white Pf7f6a3d5 Kb3 Bg4 Re2 LIh5f8e1g1b7d7 black Pe7g2g5 Kf4 Be8 LIf3h4
#2 Calvet anti-circe(13+7)
🨴h5, f8, e1, g1, b7, d7, 🨺f3, h4: Lion
: moves on the Queen's lines but with the help of a sautoir
. The squares must be free between the starting square and the sautoir and between the sautoir and the landing square
which may be free or occupied by an opposing piece
. : the capturing piece is reborn on its original square
. In Calvet anti-circe, the capturing and rebirth square can be the same
. A fairy piece being promoted is reborn on the promotion square




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