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1 - s#9 AntiCirce

Millour, RJ.

white Bh3a5 Ka6 Qe7 Pg6h4d5 Sh2c4 Ra2a7 black Pg7c5d6 Sd1 Bh8 Ke1 Rb4
s#9 AntiCircé(11+7)
: the capturing piece is reborn on its original square if it is free,
otherwise the capture is illegal. The captured piece disappears


2 - h#4,5 AntiCirce

Sobrecases, G.

white Kg3 Bd1 Sb1 black Pe6g5g4f3e3d3c2b2 Kc4 Re2 Sh2
h#4,5 AntiCirce(3+11)


3 - h=2,5 Duplex Masand

Stun, J.

white Ke5 Sh1 black Kc3 Ra2
h=2,5 duplex masand(2+2)
b) Ch1-->e1
: the statement is valid for both sides

. : a unit that checks causes the units it observes to change colour, Kings excepted



4 - h#2,5 Phantom Chess swapping Kings

Foster, G.

neutral Pe7a7 black Ke5 white Kd8
h#2.5 fantômes Rois permutant(1+1+2)
2 sol.
a unit can move from his square or native square

. put in check, Kings swap places


5 - serial #5 Köko

Glass, G.

white Pg7 Ke5 Bf8 black Ka8
ser-#5 Köko(3+1)
b) ♖f8
: at the end of a move, the unit that has played must be in contact with another piece


6 - serial s#7 Circe

Laborczi, Z.

white Pb7h7e5 Ke3 black Qb8 Pg4 Ke1
ser-s#7 Circe (4+3)
2 sol.
captured unit is reborn on its native square


7 - h#5 with Double Grasshopper

Kotesovec, V.

white DGf5h3a3c1 black Ke6
4 sol.
🨊f5, h3, a3, c1: Double Sauterelle
: moves on the Queen's lines with the help of a sautoir behind which it lands.
. It is necessary that the arrival square is free or occupied by an opposing piece
. : makes 2 grasshopper steps in a row.


8 - #2 Annan

Gockel, H.

white Be2a2 Kh6 Qd3 Pc4b2 Sf4a3 Re6 black Bc1 Kc5 Qb6 Pf5c2b7d4 Sh4f1 Rb4
#2 Annan(9+10)
A unit acquires the march of the friendly unit below it. For example the Na3,
because of Ba2, is momentarily a bishop that nails Rb4. But the Bc1, now a pawn (because of c2)
does not nail Nf4, any more than bQ pinss wR.


9 - #2 vertical cylinder with Nightriders

Chicco, A.

white Qd7 Ph5h4g4c5 Kh8 WNg1d8 black Bg6 Kh6 BNc1d1e1 Pg5b7b6a5b4 Sb1 Rf7b3
#2 vertical cylindric (8+13)
🨢g1, d8, c1, d1, e1: Nightriders
the chessboard is a cylinder whose columns a and h are the contact lines
: extended Knight


10 - h#4 Functionnaries

Dietrich, St

white Kc3 Bd4 Sc2 black Sc4d2 Kc1
h#4 Functionnaries(3+3)
b) Kings moved one square right
: a unit can only move, and "a fortiori" capture, if it is threatened (observed) by an opposing unit


11 - #2 Isardam

Caillaud, M.

white Kg1 Pd3g7h7 Rc2 Ba4 Sb1a1 black Pd2c5 Kc3 Rc4 Se4 Ba2
#2 Isardam(8+6)
: Il est illégal que 2 pièces adverses de même nature s'observent


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