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1 - h=5 provocation chess

Pantalacci, T.

white Pf7g7c6f3 Ka8 Rc7 Sd6e2 black Ph6d5a2d2 Sf8 Kf5
h=5 Infra-functionaries(8+6)
: To capture; one must be "observed" by an opposing piece


2 - serial h#3 disparates chess

Petkov, P.

white Pa7f4b3g2 Sd8b7 Ka2 black VAe4 LEg3 Kd5 LIh5 Ph7a6g6d4g4 ROb2
ser-h#3 disparates(7+10)
4 solutions
󼎝b2: Rose
🨺h5: Lion
🨼e4: Vao
🨐g3: Leo
a piece cannot play if an opposing piece of the same kind has just played


3 - h#3 patrol

Von Meyenfeldt, FH.

white Sb6f6 Kc5 black Bg8a1 Kd3 Qe1 Pb3c2 Sf5 Rb4d4
h#3 patrol(3+9)
a piece can only capture if it is "observed" (patrolled) by a piece of its side



4 - hs#6,5 Annan Chess

Bartel, E.

white Sd4f4 Ke4 black Kc4
hs#6.5 Annan(3+1)
: a unit catches the moving way of the friendly unit behind it


5 - PG 7,5 by quadruple check vertical cylindrical board

Caillaud, M.

white Bf1c1 Ke1 Qd1 Ph4a2b2c2d2f2g2 Sg1b1 Re6a1 black Bf8c8 Ka6 Qd8 Pa7b7c7d7e7g7h7 Sg5g8 Ra8h8
     PG 7,5++++(15+15)
     Cylindrique vertical



6 - h#2 super-circe patrol 3 solutions

Soulivy, K.

neutral CAe5 Gd5 black Kd3 white Qf5
h#2 super-circe patrol(1+1+2)
3 sol.
🩃e5: neutral Camel
🨫d5: neutral Grasshopper
b) neutral Zebra 🨙e5
: the revival of a captured piece is at the discretion of the taker within the limits of the law
: to capture, you must be "observed" by a friendly unit
: Bouncer (1,3)
: Bouncer (2,3)



7 - h#2 Circe with Dragon

Agostini, V.

white Pc3 Ka2 Bg8 DRc4 black Qd1 Pd6 Kc5
h#2 Circe(4+3)
🨷c4: Dragon
b) ♞d1
: Knight + Pawn


8 - #8 neutral transmuted King

Beaubestre, Cl

neutral Kd7 black Pf7g7c5f5 Sa8g4 Ba5 white Pd6g6h6b3e3g3h3h2 Rb6 Bh7 Sc4h4
d7: neutral King
: the king adopts, for the time of the check, the march of the piece that puts him in check


9 - h#2 Rifle Chess

Tritten, P.

white Pf3 Bg7 Re8d3 Kg3 black Pd6d5 Se6f6 Bb1 Ke5 Rf1
h#2 rifle(5+7)
2 solutions
the capturing unit does so without moving, the captured unit disappears


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