WSC 2007 - 2nd day

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Championnat du monde 2007 - Rhodes

Helpmates - 50mn

The first helpmate is of no interest. I won't insult you by submitting it to you. let's say you have 48 minutes for the next two helpmates
Ch. Jones


white Pe5 Ka8 Bg7 Rf5 black Bg8 Kd4 Qf1 Pc6e7c4 Se6f2 Rh6d3
The second
although original, seems to be authorized. It comes from one of the world's leading specialists.
V. Kopaiev & C. Markov


white Pe2g4 Kd1 Bc8 black Be1 Kd5 Qe6 Pb2c3e7c7b7g6g5f2 Sd4e5

> #3 - 80mn

W. Jorgensen


white Bh3g1 Kc5 Qd1 Pe6c4d4g4g3f2 Sb5e2 Rf8 black Ph2 Sg2 Bh1e1 Kf1
Charpentier :
Oh yes, they treated them. Really hard to digest, this AUW... The blockade from hell!
J. Morice


white Pd3f4 Sb5f1 Rg2 Kh1 Bd2g6 black Pg4g3g7 Bc6 Rb7a4 Kf3
H. Boettger


white Pb3d2g5 Kf7 Rd8 Sc4 Bf3 black Pd3b4b6b7 Kc5 Ba5a6 Rb5
Charpentier :
In fact, the #6 is a version (probably shortened for the championship) of a #8 (Be4 instead of f3). The authors are Horst Boettger and Uwe Auerswald.

Selfmates - 50mn

Two out of three selfmates are prohibited from reproduction. They are of little interest.

I. Mikan


white Bc6a1 Ka5 Qd5 Pb7f3e3 Sb1e8 Rb8f2 black Pc7e4 Kb3 Ba6 Rc4
This problem is listed in the FIDE album 14-44. It has been recognised by several participants. Try to solve it in half an hour

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