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1 - s#2 circe

Circe a captured piece is reborn on its original square if it is free, otherwise it disappears.

Gandev, K.

white Qb4 Sc4f3 Pd5 Bf6c2 Kf5 Rg5h4 black Pd6f7f2a2 Ka1 Rd4
s#2 Circé(9+6)


2 - PG 20,5 Fuddled Men

Fuddled Men () invented by John Beasley, a unit must rest after each move to digest its alcohol.

Caillaud, M.

white Ra1d1 Sb1e5 Bc1f1 Kh1 Pg2h2e3d2c4b2a2 Qa4 black Ke1 Ph3g7f7c6c7b7a7 Be4h6 Qg5 Ra8d8 Sb8g8
     PG 20,5 Fuddled men(15+15)


3 - 3# with zebras and camels

Zebra hopper 3-2
Chameau hopper 3-1

Quah, J.

black Se1 Pg3a7b7d6d5e7h7 Zh4a5 CAc7 Kf6 white cad2 Rb3g7 Pg2e6h5h6 Bg1g4 Kh1 Sb8
h4, a5: Zebras
d2, c7: Camels


4 - serial h=6 with Equihoppers and neutral pawn

Equihopper Equihopper plays symmetrically relative to any unit, provided it does not leave the board.

Driver, JE.

neutral Pd2 white EQc3c7e7g7g3 Kf4 Ph4 black Kb2 Pb5d5d3
c3, c7, e7, g7, g3: Equihoppers
d2: neutral pawn


5 - h#2 2 solutions isardam anti-circe

Isardam it is unlawful to place in mutual observation two opposite pieces of the same nature
Anti-circe After a capture, the capturing piece returns to its original square if it is free.
If the resurrection square is not free, then capture is illegal

The g1 square will have to be vacated for Nb3 to check.
But it is necessary to forbid the defences ...b1R & ...d1B paralysing the Knight b3 by the isardam condition.
Note that ...Kxa4 is impossible : rebirth on e8 runs into Nxe8 reborn on b1.
And ...cxb3 is also impossible (no rebirth on b7).

Rittirsch, M.

white Sb3c7 Ba4 Kg1 Qd3 Pf2g2 Rb7 black Pb2c3c4c5c6h4g6d2 Ka5 Be1 Re3 Qf3
h#2 Isardam Anti-Circe(8+14)



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