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1 - h#2 5 sol anti-circé with lions

Anti-Circe The capturing piece is reborn on its original square if it is free.
If the resurrection square is occupied, the capture is illegal.
Lion piece moving on the Queen's lines with the help of a saltire.
The squares between the Lion and the saltire and between saltire and the arrival square must be free

Caillaud, M.

white LIb8 Kc7 Sf6h4 Pg7d5 black LIf5 Re5h2 Pg6f3 Kg3 Qf1 Bg1
h#2 Anti-Circé 5sol.(6+8)
b8, f5: Lions


2 - h=8 circé maléfique

Mirror Circe a captured piece is reborn on the opponent's original square

Bakcsi, G.

white Kh5 Rb7 Bd5 black Ka8 Pa3b2c3d2e3f2g3h2
h=8 Mirror Circe(3+9)



3 - 2# strictly growing chess b) Bf8 --> h6 c) Bf8 --> d7

strictly growing chess a piece must make a move of strictly greater length than its previous move
If no move of greater length is possible, then the piece is immobilised

wK has played f1-g2 and is therefore immobile.
bK has played e8-f7 and is therefore immobile.
wQ has played at best d1-e2-e4 and is therefore condemned to play for its next move at least 2 diagonal steps.
In (a) bB is free, in (b) it should make at least 3 diagonal steps, in (c) at least 2 diagonal steps.

Bissicks, P. & Emmerson St.

white Qe4 Kg2 black Bf8 Kf7
#2 strictement agrandissants(2+2)
b) Ff8-->h6
c) Ff8-->d7


4 - h#2 4 sol anti-circe

Heinonen, U.

white Pb4d2f4e6b7 Ka1 Rc7e8 black Qa4 Pb5a5a3e2d6d4 Sb1f1 Bc8 Kd5 Rh8
h#2 Anti-Circé 4sol.(8+12)


5 - 2# köko

Köko the arrival square of a move must always be adjacent to an occupied square

Balasubramanian, SK & Seetharaman K

white Bf2 Kg4 Qd1 black Pf3c4e5e6 Ke4 Ba8 Sh4
#2 Köko(3+7)



6 - 2# rose royale sauterelle royale et lions

Rose Rounded extended Knight
Grasshopper moves along the Queen's lines with the help of a saltire behind which she lands
It is necessary that the arrival square is free or occupied by an opponent piece
Royal piece Piece with its "normal" walking but with prerogatives of King

Smulders, K.

white Royal ROb8 black Royal Gd2 black LIa3h1 Se1 Pd7d6
b8: Royal Rose
d2: Royal Grasshopper
a3, h1: Lions

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