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1 - 2# avec chinese pieces b) -Pf2

chinese pieces pieces moving normally except for capturing where a sautoir is required.
A special case is the Chinese Knight which is a creeping Knight.
A rook step, then a bishop step for the Mao.
A bishop step then a rook step for the Moa.
Each square of the creeping movement must be free

Smulders, K.

white Pc2d2f3g2 Sb2 LEd5d7f5h8h6 Kb1 VAa7d3 black VAa1 LEc1 MAe4 Ke1 Pb4e2g4 PAe6
e6: Pao
a7, d3, a1: Vao
e4: Mao
d5, d7, f5, h8, h6, c1: Leo


2 - 2# with Locusts

Locust Grasshopper who swallows the hurdle which is necessarily an opponent unit

Diot, R.

white Bf6h3 Ke1 Ld1d3g7 Pg6f5e6b5f2g3 Sd5c1 Rc6c5 black Ba1 Ke4 Ld4 Pc3f3 Sh8 Rb3b8
d1, d3, g7, d4: Locust


3 - serial helped stalemate 9= Mars Circe

Mars Circe pieces move normally but before a capture,
they virtually pass through their original square.

Innocenti, D.

white Qe3 Pb5 Ka4 Ba1c2 Sc7 black Se2 Kc3 Rb2d8 Bd1
ser-h=9 mars circe(6+5)



4 - 2# annan

Annan a unit acquires the march of the friendly unit located "under" it (to the south).
Pd2 playing momentarily as a Rook, the square f2 is forbidden to the black King, which is not in check.
The square d4 is controlled by this same pawn, but also by Na4, also playing momentarily like a Rook.
1 Na4-g4+? Ph3xg4! (the pawn plays like a bishop)

Gockel, H.

white Bf3b8 Ka8 Qc8 Pf5d2c2 Se1a4 Rd1a3 black Ph3g5c3d5b7b6 Sh1g8 Bh4 Ke3 Rd7
#2 annan(11+11)


5 - PG 6 Make & Take

Make&Take the pieces move normally, but a capture takes place in 2 steps:
. - A preliminary movement with the march of the piece to be taken
. - The capture with the normal movement of the capturing piece

"Bonavoglia, M.

white Qf1 Pf2e4d2c2b3a2 Sg1b1 Ra1h2 Ke1 black Bf8 Kd8 Qc1 Ph7f7a7b5e7d7 Sg8c8 Rh8a8
     PJ 6 Make&Take(16+14)

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