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1 - h#2 2 sol infra-fonctionaries

Infra-Fonctionaries you can play a unit unconditionally,
it is only to capture that one must be observed by an enemy unit

Capron, D & Sobrecases G

white Se3 Rf3c1 Kg3 Bb1 black Pc3 Ke2
h#2 infra-fonctionaries(5+2)
2 solutions


2 - aidé 7,5# infra-fonctionaries

Sobrecases, G.

white Kh6 Pe2 black Kg8 Ph5c3e3b2c2d2 Re4
h#7.5 infra-fonctionaries(2+8)


3 - serial h#13 make & take

Make&Take before capturing, we play as the unit we wish to capture.
We respect not only its march, but its colour:
a black knight (or king) will play a white pawn move if he wants to capture it.

Sick, O.

white Pb7b3c2 Kg3 black Sh8 Ka2
ser-h#13 Make&Take(4+2)



4 - PG 6,5 make & take

Sick, O.

white Kd6 Pb3a2c2d2e2f2h2 Ra1h1 Sb1g1 Bc1f1 black Ra8 Sb8 Bc8 Qd8 Ke8 Pa7b7c7d7e7f7h7
     PG 6.5 Make&Take(13+14)

5 - 2# extinction

Extinction the King is a unit like any other (so you can promote to King).
A side wins when it has made any variety of units disappear, so by checkmating either the King, Queen, last rook, last bishop, last knight, or last pawn.

Rosner, E & Gockel H

white Kc8 Pd7f6c5g5e3h3f2 Ra1 Bd1 black Ka7 Pc6e6d5a4h4d3 Sf5 Rc4
#2 Extinction chess(10+9)


6 - aidé 5# Chameleon Circe b) wKe1

Chameleon Circe A captured piece rises in rank before being reborn, according to the C-F-T-D pattern.
A captured Queen becomes a Knight and the cycle resumes.
Pawns are reborn as in normal Circe

Rice, J.

white Sf4 Kg2 black Ke5 Pf5g4
h#5 Chameleon Circe(2+3)
b) g2 ---> e1


7 - h#5# with Moose and Grasshopper

Grasshopper moves along the Queen's lines with a sautoir behind which it lands
. The landing square must be empty or occupied by an opponent's piece
Moose The Moose is a Grasshopper which is at a 45 degree angle to its supposed landing square
. When the sautoir is adjacent to it, it is a knight's step

Taylor, St

white Mf1 Kh4 black Mf2 Gh2 Ke1
f1, f2: Mooses
h2: Grasshopper


8 - 7# with set play köko

Köko At the end of a move, you must be in contact with another unit

Widlert, K.

white Kd8 Rg4 Ph3 Ba1 black Bg8 Kh7 Pa6
#7 Köko(4+3)



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