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1 - #2 kamikaze avec Equishoppers

Kamikaze After a capture, the 2 pieces disappear
. Equihopper makes an equipollent move relative to any sautoir,
within the limits of the board, of course, and also of the legality of the position obtained

Loustau, JM.

white Kamikaze EQb2g5g6 Qh7 Bh6g2 Re2 Pf6 Kd2 black Kamikaze EQc7e6 Rc8e8 Ph4 Sd8 Kg1
b2, g5, g6, c7, e6: Equishoppers


2 - aidé 3# 3 solutions Circé Parrain

Parrain Circe a captured piece remains suspended on the capture square and makes an equipollent movement to the following half move

Popovski, Al

white Sb4 Be3 Kg3 black Pd4 Qc3 Ke4
h#3 Parrain Circe 3sol.(3+3)


3 - h#2,5 2 sol parrain Circe anti-andernach checkless check

anti-Andernach when a piece plays without capturing, it changes colour
checkless check the only check allowed is a mate

Huber, E.

white Kd1 Qd3 black Pd2 Kg4
h#2.5 parrain circe 2sol.(12+5)
Checkless chess



4 - #2 exclusive b) masand

exclusive chess A mat must be unique
Masand a unit giving check causes the pieces it oberves (except Kings) to change colour

Gockel, H.

white Pb6c6g6g5g4e4 Sf7d3 Bf8h5 Kh4 black Pb7 Ke6 Bf5
#2 Exclusive(11+3)
b) Masand


5 - #3 strict Growing Men

strict Growing Mena unit must play a move geometrically of strictly greater length
than the move it played before to the move it played before
. Thus, the black king is immobilized, its position necessarily being the result of a castling short.
On the other hand, the rook comes (at best for her) from a8 via a7 and must therefore play moves of length greater than 2

Bissicks, P.

white Bf1 Ke2 black Rc7 Kg8
#3 strict Growing Men(2+2)


6 - h#2 3 solutions Mars Circe Zebrarider Nightrider and Grasshoppers

Mars Circe To capture, a unit virtually passes through its original square
. In the particular case of fairy pieces, the supposed original square is the promotion square of the column it is on
Nightrider Knight that can make several successive jumps in the same direction
Zebrarider Zebra (leaper (2,3)) which, like the Nightrider, can make several successive leaps

Smits, G.

white Gg6 Ne6 Pg5h5 Kh1 ZRe7 black Gg7 Pa7d6e4 Bb1 Ra8 Kh4 ZRa6
h#2 Mars Circe 3sol.(6+8)
g6, g7: Grasshoppers
e6: Nightrider
e7, a6: Zebrarider


7 - aidé 2,5# 2 sol antipodean anti-circe (see antipodean circe applying rebirth rule to the capturing piece)

antipodean anti-circe A unit that captures, is reborn according to the following modality decrease or increase by 4 of its 2 coordinates. if the square so determined is occupied or off the board, the capture is illegal

Tritten, P.

white Kb4 Pb2h3 black Rh2 Sd6 Be6 Ke7 Pb6
h#2.5 2sol.(3+5)
antipodean anti-circe


8 - 2# super-circe with neutral pieces

neutral Can be played by either side

Petkov, P.

neutral Bh7 Rh1 white Kh8 Ph5f3 Qg2 black Bc8 Pa5a4a3h4h2f4c4 Ka1 Rb1
h1, h7: neutral pieces



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