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1 - h#5 3 sol köko with marine Mao

Köko On arrival of a move, you must be in contact with another unit
. marine Mao plays as a creeping knight but captures the unit located one orthogonal step away if its arrival square is free.

Novomesky, D.

white Ke7 MSf6 black Ke4 Rd6
h#5 Köko(2+2)
f6: marine Mao


2 - h#2 2 sol avec sparrow et nereide

Sparrow is a kind of Grasshopper that retraces its steps at 45 degrees from the sautoir,
i.e. the angle of arrival of the Sparrow-sauteoir-case of arrival of the Grasshopper is 135 degrees.
in other words, the Sparrow's arrival square-jumpoir's arrival square angle is 135 degrees.
For example the Sparrow e1 could go to f6, because the angle f6-e7-e8 is 135 degrees.
Nereid it is a Sea Bishop, which normally plays but captures Locust-style in e8. It could be replaced by a Vao

Feather, Ch

white Pb5 Sg5b3 SWc8 Kf4 black Pe7 Kd6 SWe1f2 NDe8
h#2 2sol.(5+5)
e8: Nereide
c8, e1, f2: Sparrows


3 - 2# anti-circe

anti-circe After a capture, the capturing unit returns to its original square if it is free.
a distingo is made if the capture square and the original square are the same one :
Calvet type, the capture is allowed and Cheylan type, capture forbidden

Gockel, H.

white Bb7e1 Kh2 Qg1 Pd7b2c3e2g3 Sf2 Rb4g2 black Pf5g5 Sb1 Bb3 Ke3
#2 anti-circe(12+5)



4 - h#3 parrain Circe avec nightrider neutral

parrain Circe The captured piece remains suspended over the capturing square and makes an equipollent move to the following move
Nightrider Extended knight
. neutral unit that can be played indifferently by either side

Huber, E.

neutral Ng7 black Pd5 Kc2 white Pe4 Ke7
g7: neutral Nightrider
b) pe4-->d3


5 - 2# Lortap

Lortapit is forbidden to be supported by a unit of its camp to capture or give check.
Thus, ...Kxf4 (...Kxd5) is never possible because of the Pf5.
Pd3 and Nd2, supported by the white Queen, do not check.

Gockel, H.

white Qc2 Pd5f4d3c3 Sd2 Bc5b3 Kg2 black Qa2 Pf5e2 Ke4 Be1c4 Sc1
#2 Lortap(9+7)
3 solutions


6 - h#2,5 bolero Rex inclusiv with neutral pieces

bolero In Bolero, capturing moves are played normally.
A non-capturing unit adopts the march of the one initially on the same column.
It therefore plays as a rook if it is on the "a" or "h" column, as a knight if it is on "b" or "g", etc.
. In "Kings included" Kings also adopt this way of doing things.

Petkov, P.

neutral Qd8 Rh6 black Ke5
h#2.5 Boléro R.I.(0+1+2)
b) Rh6 --> d7
c) Ke5 --> g7
d) Qd8 --> f8


7 - h#2 2 sol with neutral marine pieces

Marine pieces move normally, but capture as Locust
. A special case is the Marine Knight. For example if the bB is on d4, the MKb3 (if not pinned) captures it and lands on f5.

Parrinello, M.

neutral SIg3f6 black Sd6 Pe7e5g5f3c3 Ke4 Rb7 Bf2 white Pc2g4 Kb1 MSb3
h#2 2sol.(4+9+2)
b3: marine Knight
g3, f6: neutral Sirens


8 - s#2 with lion family

Lion A kind of grasshopper that can go further than the sautoir.
There must be a clear path from the sautoir to the landing square
. The rook and bishop move, of course, on the rook and bishop lines respectively

Caillaud, M.

white RLb7 Pc4b5c6a7f4g4g7h7 RNe2 Ka8 black RLc8 Pc2c3c5 Ka1 NLb1 BLc1
c1: Bishop-Lion
e2: Rose-Lion
b1: Nightrider Lion
b7, c8: Rook-Lion


9 - h#2 3 sol rga, bga & nga

Grasshopper pieces Pieces moving with the help of a sautoir,
on the rook line for the Rook, the bishop line for the Rook, and the extended knight line for the Nightrider

Kotesovec, V.

white Pg7e3 Kb8 Be5f5 black NHa3 Bd6d1 Ka2 BHb4 Pc7e7b5b2d2 Se6 RHb3
h#2 3sol.(5+12)
b3: Rook Grasshopper
b4: Bishop Grasshopper
a3: Nightrider Grasshopper



10 - h#2 3 sol anti-circe Calvet Neutral bonders

Nightrider hopper (1,2) ( Knight ) extended
. Night Camel hopper (1,3) extended
Night Zebra hopper (2,3) extended

Smits, G.

neutral chd4b2 ZRd5 Nc5 black Bc3 Ke2 Qe5 Pf6f5f4d2c7b7a7a4 Sb4 Rd1e3 white Pd3 Sh2 Bh4 Kf7
h#2 Anti-Circe Calvet 3sol.(4+14+4)
c5: neutral Nightrider
d4, b2: neutral Camelrider
d5: neutral Zebrarider


11 - aidé 2# 3 sol kobul Kings

kobulWhen a figure is captured, the king of the side of the figure acquires its march.
It becomes a normal King again if a pawn is captured.

Tritten, P.

white Sd6 Bg3 Rg4 Kg2 black Pc7d7e6f5h4b2a4 Ka3 Ra2
h#2 Kobul Kings(4+9)
3 solutions


12 - h=2,5 2 sol anti-circe clone

anti-circe clone the capturing unit takes the nature of the captured unit and is reborn accordingly.

Balasubramanian, SK & Tritten P

white Pa6b5f5 Sc4 Ka2 black Be6 Rc6 Kg2
h=2.5 anti-circe clone(5+3)
2 solutions


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