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1 - hs=6 3 solutions with sparrow and moose

Sparrow kind of Grasshopper which instead of arriving just after the sautoir, lands coming back 45° backwards
MooseKind of Grasshopper also but with an angle of 45° on the front of the sautoir
His movement over a short distance is that of a Knight: the White King is in check by the moose e2.

Kotesovec, V.

white Kd4 SWe3 black Kf4 Me2e8
hs=6 3sol.(2+3)
e3: Sparrow
e2, e8: Moose


2 - h#2 2 solutions symmetry point

symmetry pointtwo units placed symmetrically with respect to the centre of the chessboard
. (the common point of squares d4, e4, e5 & d5) exchange their moving way.
Thus, the wRc4 moves like a Bishop, the wBf5 like a Rook.

Crisan, V.

white Royal Kc8 black Royal Ke3 white Rc4 Bf5 black Bh3h6 Qf1 Pa5g7 Sd5 Ra3c1
h#2 symmetry point(3+9)
2 solutions


3 - h#2,5 with AP reverse Boléro Kings Included

Boléro moves making a capture are played normally.
A non-capturing figure adopts the march of the one originally on the same column.
It therefore plays like a Rook if it is on the "a" column or the "h" column,
. like a Knight if it is on "b" or "g", etc...
Reverse BoleroIn Reverse Bolero, this applies to moves making a capture,
. the moves that do not capture are normal.
Of course, in "Kings included", the Kings also adopt this way of doing things.

Petkov, P.

white Royal Kd1 Ra7 black Royal Pd6d3 Ke8 Bc3e4
h#2,5 reverse Boléro KI(2+5)
apparent play



4 - h#2 2 solutions with hedgehogs

hedgehogThe Hedgehog walks like a Queen, but must start from or reach a strip.
Without, however, being allowed to travel from one strip to another !

Joudon, L.

white Kh1 EHd1a2 black Pe7e5 Ke6 Bc5 Sd5
h#2 2sol.(3+5)
d1, a2: Hedgehog


5 - h#2 2 solutions with Hedgehogs

Feather, Ch

white Pd2 Kg8 EHe4d4b5 black Pe2e7c4 Kd3 Ba2 EHc8d8h7h3
h#2 2sol.(5+9)
e4, d4, b5, c8, d8, h3, h7: Hedgehog



6 - h#2# 2 solutions anti-circe

Anti-circethe capturing piece is reborn on its original square if this one is free,
. otherwise, the move is illegal
Kxg5 is never possible as the e8 square is occupied.

Loerinc, J. & Dragoun M

white Pe7g6g5 Se1 Bd6h7 Kb2 Rg1f7 black Be3 Kf4 Qa7 Pf2e2g7g4b4 Sh2e5 Re8f6
h#2 Anti-circe 2sol.(9+12)


7 - h#2 3 solutions isardam anti-circe

Isardamtwo opposing units of the same nature may not mutually "observe".

Tritten, P.

white Pf7 Ka2 black Qd3 Pg4h5 Be7 Rg8 Kf5
h#2 3sol.(2+6)


8 - 2# relegation chess

relegation chess any unit arriving on his 2nd row becomes a pawn.

Paavilainen, J.

white Bg7h1 Kb5 Qe1 Pe6d2 Sa4d4 Re4 black Pb6e7f4e2b2a2 Sf6 Bb1c1 Kd3 Ra1
#2 relegation(9+11)

9 - 2# anti-circe Cheylan

anti-circe Cheylan The capture on the rebirth square is forbidden.
Without this restriction, Qxd1 (with rebirth in d1) would be mat

Gockel, H.

white Bh5 Kd5 Qc2 Pa2d6b6e7c3g2 Sb2 Rb7e4 black Qd1 Pd7a3d3e3e5 Kb3 Bc7h1 Sa4b1
#2 Anti-circe(12+11)

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