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1 - h#4,5 bicolores

bicolores a King is also in check by the units of his own side.

Caillaud, M.

white Ph2b4 Kb5 Bg8 black Ph3 Kg4 Rc3
h#4.5 bicolores(4+3)


2 - 2# masand

masand in masand, any piece "observed" by a checking piece will change colour.

Gockel, H.

white Bc8a1 Kf7 Qg2 Pf5b4 Sg5h5 Rd8 black Pg6d5a6b5b3e2 Ke5 Ba3c2 Sd4c3
#2 masand(9+11)


3 - hs==5 köko with royal lions & archiBishops

Köko In Köko, at the end of its move, a piece must be in contact with another
. lion the Lion needs a sautoir behind which it lands on one of the squares free or occupied by an opponent's piece
archbishop Bishop rebounds to the board

Novomesky, D.

white ARa1 white Royal LIb1 black ARe7 black Royal LIc7
b1, c7: Royal Lion
a1, e7: ArchiBishop



4 - 2# Shrinking Men

Shrinking men "" (rétrécissants) : a unit may not play longer move than the previous one. The convention used here for promotions is that the promoted unit is "reborn" and may play any distance it wishes.

Bissicks, P.

white Qb7 Pd6 Kg7 black Pd7e6 Ke8 Ra8
#2 Shrinking men(3+4)


5 - 2# anti-circe with Grasshoppers

Anti-circe after a capture, the captured piece disappears and the capuring one is reborn on its original square if it is free
Grasshopper piece moving on the Queen's lines with the help of a sautoir behind which it lands if the square is free or occupied by an opposing piece

Stojnic, D.

white Ph7f3f2e2c2a3 Se6f6 Be8e5 Ka4 Rg2 black Pg7g6h4f4c3a5 Kc4 Sa1 Gh2f7
#2 (12+10)


6 - h#3 2 sol parrain circe with neutral pieces

parrain circe a captured piece remains "under the square" of capture.
It makes an equipollent move (from that square) to that of the next playing piece
. neutral piecea piece that can be played by both sides

Golha, J.

neutral Sb3 Bc2c1 black Kc3 Rb2 white Kf3
h#3 2sol.(1+2+3)


7 - 7# lost pieces

lost piecesIn Lost Pieces (Verlorene Steine), after each move I play
all my opponent's units automatically disappear if they are attacked by a unit of my side, without being able to evade it.
But if the unit attacked by me has an available square, even if it is pinned, it does not disappear.

Werner, D.

white Sc4e1 Rg2g4 Kh1 black Kf5 Pa6e3e4e6f6h4 Ra3e5 Ba8b8 Sd2
#7 lost pieces(5+12)


8 - PG 6,5 lost pieces

Bonavoglia, M.

white Bf1c1 Ke1 Qd1 Pa2b2c2e2g2 Sg1b1 Rh1a1 black Bf8c8 Ke8 Qd8 Pa7b7c7e7g7h7 Sg8b8 Rh8a8
     PG 6,5 lost pieces(13+14)

9 - #3 lost pieces

Maeder, Th & Sick O

white Pf5d3 Ka6 Rg6d5 Be8 black Pa7e5 Kh8 Bc1
#3 lost pieces(6+4)


10 - series #10 anti-patrol (ou lortap)

anti-patrol one must not be supported by a unit of one's own side to take or give check.

Sobrecases, G.

white Sa2 Kb3 black Qf6 Pa3c5d6e7g6f5e4d3 Kb1 Bf8h7
ser-#10 lortap(2+12)


11 - #3 circe

Petkov, P.

white Qd8 Pc6e7a4d4d2e2 Kd1 Ra5 Bg1f3 black Qg8 Pb4b3g6 Rb7 Ba7e8 Kc4
#3 Circé(11+8)


12 - h#2 2 sol rose & locuste

roseExtended knight in a rounded shape
Typically, in addition to normal Knight moves, the Rose e6 can go to c5, b3, c1, f4, e2, c1, a2, g5, h3 and g1.
locusteGrasshopper eating its hurdle, which is therefore necessarily an opponent's piece.

Boyer, JP.

white Ka6 ROe6 Lf1 black Ke4 Bh5
h#2 2sol.(3+2)
e6: Rose
f1: Locuste


13 - h=3,5 circe

Bakcsi, G.

white Pe4 Sb5c4d3f5 Kg7 black Sg8 Ra3c3 Kc6
h=3.5 Circe(6+4)


14 - h#2 2 solutions anti-circe couscous madrasi

anti-circe couscousthe capturing piece is reborn on the original square of the captured piece.
madrasitwo opposing pieces of the same nature which observe each other are mutually paralysed

Tritten, P.

white Kc4 Rf5 Sg3f8 Bh5 black Rc7 Kc6 Bb7
h#2 2sol.(2+3)
Anti-circe couscous


15 - h#2 2 solutions with kangourou et Andernach Grasshopper

kangouroua cousin of the Grasshopper who needs a double hurdle
Andernach GrasshopperGrasshopper that makes the colour of the hurdle change each time it jumps

Agostini, V.

white Sg2 Kh2 Gb4 black KAh1 Bd2 Kd1 Qg7 Sc2 Re2
h#2 2sol.(3+6)
h1: Kangourou
b4: Andernach Grasshopper


16 - #2 patrol

to make a capture, it is necessary, on the starting square of the move, to be "observed" by a friendly piece.

Bouma, G.

white Pe6f4g4h5f2e2b2b4 Sg2d2 Bc6 Kc4 black Ke4
#2 patrol(12+1)


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