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1 - 2# Anda

Anda(invented by the author of this problem), any unit (except King) performing a direct check immediately becomes neutral. If it is already neutral, it becomes white or black, depending on which side plays it.

Petkov, P.

white Pc4g3 Sa3c2 Be1g6 Kb6 Rf5 black Pe2g4 Kd3 Re4
#2 Anda(8+4)


2 - hs#4,5 reverse anda

reverse anda any unit making a move that is not a direct check becomes immediately neutral.
If it is already neutral, it becomes white or black, depending on which side plays it.

Petkov, P.

neutral Pb6 black Pd2g2 Kh1 white Pb7 Kc8
hs#4.5 reverse Anda(2+1+3)


3 - 2# bicolores

bicolores In Bicolore, the Kings are so sensitive that they cannot tolerate being " checked " by the units of their own side.

Schiegl, H.

white Qc5 Kg6 black Pb3b2f4 Ra4 Ba6 Kb1
#2 bicolores(2+6)



4 - h#3 2 solutions madrasi

madrasi 2 opposing pieces of same nature that mutualy observe are paralysed.

Shankar Ram, N.

white Ph2g2e2 Rc4 Bd6 Kh3 black Bc8f8 Kf4 Qd5 Ph4h5g5 Sf5e3 Rc1a3
h#3 madrasi(6+11)
2 solutions


5 - h#2 2 solutions kobul Kings

kobul Kings when a unit is captured, the King of the camp of the said unit acquires his march.
He becomes a normal King again if you take a pawn.

Bushan, Ph

white Rh6 Kd4 Bg4 black Pa5g5 Kb8 Bc4 Re3
h#2 2sol. kobul(3+5)


6 - h=2 2 solutions with locusts and roses

locuste Grasshopper that eats its hurdle (which is necessarily an opponent's piece)
rose Extended and rounded knight e.g. ROf8 can go to d7, c5, d3, f2, h3, h7, g6, f4, d3, b4, a6, b8

Smits, G.

white Ka7 ROf8 Lh1 black Qe1 Kd2 ROd1 Lf5
h=2 2sol.(3+4)


7 - #4 single combat & circé

single combat a unit that has just played continues, until it is impossible.
circe a captured piece reborn on its original square if it is free, otherwise it disappears.

Rittirsch, M.

white Pd7e6g4a2b3b4b5c4 Sg5a3 Bf7g3 Kh2 Rf3 black Pb7c7e7g7g6 Kh8 Bd8
#4 single combat circe(14+7)


8 - h#4 2 solutions leffie

leffieLeffie is to the Eiffel what the Isardam is to the Madrasi: it is illegal to put oneself in a situation of Eiffel paralysis.
Eiffela piece paralyses an opposing piece of the next higher level according to the scheme P - N - B - R - Q - P

Crisan, V.

white Kf1 Bb1 black Pd3f3 Ke4
h#4 2sol. leffie(2+3)


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