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1 - hs#3 breton anti-andernach with rose

Breton : after each capture, a unit of the same nature must disappear (if possible) from the capturing side
Anti-Andernach : a unit changes colour if it does not capture

Petkov, P.

white Pd6b6b5f5g6 Sd7 Rb4 Ke7 Bc2 black Qg8 Pa7b7a5d5e5f3f2 Ka8 ROe8h4
hs#3 breton(9+11)
e8, h4: Rose
b) d6 --> a6


2 - h#2 3 sol take & make, zebu, night zebra

take & make: after a Take, the capturing piece is required to Make a move with the moving way of the captured piece
(a sort of posthumous tribute, as Alain ... Delon would say)
. Zebra: leaper (2,3)
Night Zebra : extended Zebra
. Zebu: conjunction of a Camel and a Giraffe, in other words a 1-3 and 1-4 Leaper at the same time
Leapers (2,4): To better familiarize ourselves with the 2-4 Leapers, we can observe that they are a Diminished Nightrider
(or a double Knight)
. neutral piece: piece that can be played indifferently by white or black

Barth, M & Pachl F

neutral CHh6 ZEh3 Se2 Rb4 ZRd5 black Qh5 Pa7a5 Ka6 white Ke6
h#2 3sol(1+4+5)
h3: neutral Zebu
b4: neutre Rook
e2: neutral Knight
h6: neutral Leaper 2,4
d5: neutral Night Zèbra


3 - 2# avec locustes et rose-locuste

locust : A grasshopper that swallows its sautoir

. Grasshopper : Piece moving like a Queen, but with the help of a sautoir behind which it lands
Note that the square just behind the sautoir must be free or occupied by an enemy unit

rose-locuste : Rose needing a sautoir to move, which sautoir she swallows

Cheylan, Y.

white Bf1 Kf6 Lc1e8g8h8 Pg4 Se6 LSh1 black Ph5d4b3 Kd3 Bd1e2
c1, e8, g8, h8: Locusts
h1: Rose Locust



4 - h#3 2 solutions back-to-back with Nightrider Mao

Nightrider Mao : The Mao is a creeping Knight who makes a rook step and then a bishop step,
but he needs the square for his rook step to be free.
. And "at night", the cats may not all be grey but the animals extend their march.
. So NMh1 can play f2, d3 (because e2 is free), b4 and g3 but not f5 because g4 is occupied
back-to-back: if two pieces of opposite colour are "back-to-back",
for example a white one on e5 and a black one on e4, they exchange moving way the time of the opposite.

Foster, G.

white NAh1 Ke3 black Pb3 Kg4
h#3 back-to-back(2+2)
h1: Nightrider Mao


5 - h#4 circe with neutral pawns b) bKa8

Circe : a captured unit is reborn on its native square

Feather, Ch

neutral Pg4f3 black Ka1 white Kd3
h#4 Circe(1+1+2)
g4, f3: neutral Pawns
b) Ka1-->a8


6 - h#2 isardam with first a) vao then b) pao

Isardam : It is illegal for 2 opposing units of the same kind to observe each other
. Chinese piece (Pao or Vao) : moves normally, but needs a sautoir to make a capture

Loerinc, J.

white VAe3 black VAg3 Kc7 PAc1
h#2 Isardam(1+3)
c1: Pao
e3, g3: Vao
b) Pao e3


7 - serial h#17 2 sol with nightrider-hopper and Grasshopper

Nightrider hopper: needs a sautoir to move, behind which he lands at a Knight's step

Novomesky, D.

white Pc6 Kb6 black NHb2 Kb1 Gh1
ser-h#17 2sol.(2+3)
h1: Sauterelle
b2: Nightrider hopper


8 - h#3 3 solutions with Paos & Vao

Wong, P.

white VAd5 Ke6 PAb1h6 black Bc6 Kh1 Qh8 Pg7b6b5 Sa3 Ra1
h#3 3sol.(4+8)
b1, h6: Paos
d5: Vao


9 - serial h#3 4 solutions anti-circe

Anti-circe : During a capture, the capturing piece returns to its native square...
if it is free, otherwise the capture is illegal

Millour, RJ.

white Bg8 Kh5 Qf8 Pe7f7 Sd7d4 Re3 black Pc3b2 Kc4 Re8 Bb4
ser-h#3 Anti-circe(8+5)
4 solutions


10 - h#2 2 solutions take & make

Tritten, P.

white Sd7 Rc8 Bb8 Ke8 black Be5d3 Kd5 Qh4 Pb6a6d4 Sb7g6 Rc5f1
h#2 Take&Make(4+11)
2 solutions


11 - s#2 Fuddled Men

Fuddled Men : a unit must rest after each move to digest its alcohol

Bissicks, P.

white Kf3 Ra1 black Pg6 Kh1 Bf1
s#2 Fuddled Men(2+3)


12 - #2 sat

SAT: a King is in check when... he threatens to play on a square where he is not in check in the traditional sense.
. It is checkmate if the King cannot deny himself this "free" square.

Gockel, H.

white Bb8 Ka8 Qb4 Pa7g4 Sg3g7 Ra4 black Qg2 Pg6h6g5h3 Kh4 Bh1 Sf2
#2 sat(8+8)


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