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1 - inverse aidé 3# eiffel

Eiffel : In Eiffel chess (invented by Petkov), the units paralyse in the P-C-F-T-D-P cycle.

Parrinello, M

white Bc1 Ka1 Qe7 Pe2f3h2d4a2 Sh6 Rb1g1 black Pd2g2g5a3a5 Kf4
hs#3 Eiffel(11+6)
b) Bb1


2# with eagles, moose, sparrow, hamsters and paos

Eagle, moose, sparrow & hamster: Eagles (90 degree angle to the sautoir) on a4 & f1
. (control c2, e4 & g4, and especially prevents ...Ke5,
a moose (45 degree angle with the sautoir) on d8, the Md8 controls b7 & f7
a Sparrow (135 degree angle with the sautoir) in a2; the Sparrow a2 controls b3 & f6
and Hamsters (180 degree angle with the sautoir) in b1, b8, c1 & c8, the Hb1 controls b3 & e4.
pao: rook needing a sautoir to capture
. Thus, a promotion f7xe8 or a move by Nf5 would check the black king by discovering the Pao f8

Caillaud, M.

white Bh1 EAf1 Kh3 Md8 Pf7 Sc6f5 PAf8g1 SWa2 black PAe8 Kf4 EAa4 Ph6b4 Sb7 Ra6 HAb1c1b8c8
f1, a4: Eagles
f8, g1, e8: Paos
b1, c1, b8, c8: Hamsters
d8: Elan
a2: Sparrow


3 - h#3,5 Royal Dynasty

Royal Dynasty : In Royal Dynasty (an invention of the Slovenian problemist J. Nastran),
a side may have several "Kings", who have no royal prerogatives, who may be left in check and captured,
except... if only one is left !

Quah, J & Watson & Wissma

white Ph7 Ka6 Bh1 black Ph2 Kf7 Ra8 Sd7e4 Ba4



4 - serial #7 einstein

einstein : In Einstein, a unit (other than the King) changes at each move into the unit immediately stronger if unit captures, immediately weaker if unit does not capture.

Bedoni, R.

white Pc2 Ke1 black Qd8 Pc7b7e7f7 Ke8 Bc8


5 - h#2,5 circé R.I.

Circe King Inclusive (Rex Inclusiv) : In Circe Kings Inclusive, a King is in check only if its rebirth square is occupied.
. And it is only mate if that square cannot be vacated.

Borst, D.

white Kc1 Ba4 Sc7 Nd1 black Bb3 Kc4 Qg8 Pe3 Sd8 Re1
h#2.5 Circe R.I.(4+6)
b) Rc1-->d6
c) Rc1-->e5


6 - 2# kamikaze volage

Kamikaze : any unit that captures disappears immediately
. volage: any unit that changes its square colour also changes its colour. After which it goes quiet !

Davaine, A.

white Kg7 white Kamikaze Pe2g2e5 Qd5 Rb1h6h2 Be3f5b8a3 ROd1 Sb3 black Kb6 black Kamikaze Qc6 Pf2g4e4h7b7a6 Rb4 Ba5a1 Sd4a4
Kamikaze volage
d1 : Rose


7 - h#2,5 2 sol einstein chess

Gockel, H.

white Re4 Ba1 Ke6 black Pa3b3 Ka5
h#2.5 Einstein Chess(3+3)


8 - h#2 2 sol with locusts of diiferent king

Locust : moves with the help of a sautoir ... which it swallows!
As the Locust moves on the Queen's lines,
it is not necessary to specify on which lines the rook-locust and the bishop-locust move

Predrag, N.

white Rf3 Kg4 Bc4 black LBd1 Ka8 Pa7 Sf5 Rh2 LRa4
a4: Rook Locust
d1: Bishop Locust


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