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1 - h#9 2 solutions with nightrider and grasshoppers

Nightrider : extended Knight
. Grasshopper: moves along the Queen's lines using a sautoir
the landing is just behind the sautoir

Kotesovec, V.

white Kb1 Gh4 black Ke5 Ga6 Na1
2 solutions
a6, h4 : Grasshoppers
a1 : Nightrider


2a - h#4 Double Agent Circe

Double Agent Circe : In Double Agent Circe, the captured unit changes colour before rebirth
. (not to be confused with Renegade Circe where it changes colour after rebirth)

Rice, J.

white Pc3 Ke1 Bd1 black Pe2f3e3d3 Ke4
h#4 Double Agent Circe(3+5)
b) Fd1-->c2


2b - h#4 Parrain Circe

Parrain Circe: a captured piece remains "under" the capturing square
and is reborn by making an equipollent move to the following move

Rice, J.

white Pc3 Ke1 Bd1 black Pe2d3e3f3g5 Ke4
h#4 parrain circe(3+6)
b) c3-->b2
c) c3-->g4



3 - 6# exclusive chess

exclusive chess : Checkmate is only correct if it is unique

Gockel, H.

white Pa2b3d2e4c4 Sb2b5 Bg6 Kc1 Ra6 black Qg7 Pc2g4b4e7e5 Sf3b7 Bb1 Kc5
#6 exclusive chess(10+10)


4 - h#2 2 sol partial paralysis

partial paralysis : a unit observed by an opponent's unit cannot move like it. For example, the white King is not in check, because the black Queen he observes is unable to play as a King. A special case: if these two units are of the same nature, we find the Madrasi paralysis.

Gurov, V & Evseev G

white Pc7f5f4c4d2 Sf6h4 Rb3 Kd3 black Be8d4 Kh3 Qe3 Ph5b4 Sc6d6 Rb8e4
h#2 partial paralysis(9+10)
2 solutions



5 - h#2 2 sol partial paralysis

Rittirsch, M.

white Qg3 Pa7 Rc1 Bd3 Kd4 black Ba6e3 Kh3 Qd5 Pd7e5f2a2 Sf4 Rc6f3
h#2 partial paralysis(5+11)
2 solutions



6 - 2# with pao, vao & naos

Chinese pieces: move normally but need a sautoir to capture

Loustau, JM.

white Qb2 NAd7e4 Kd2 black Pa5 Ka4 Bb1 PAc2 VAa7
c2: Pao
d7, e4: Nao
a7: Vao


7 - serial s=11 anti-circe

Heinonen, U.

white Pc7d7f7g7 Kc6 black Sb1 Qh1 Pe7d4g3c2 Bg8b4 Rd8e5 Ka5
ser-s=11 Anti-Circe(5+10)


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