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1 - s#9 AntiCirce

AntiCirce : the capturing piece is reborn on its original square if it is free,
otherwise the capture is illegal. The captured piece disappears

Millour, RJ.

white Bh3a5 Ka6 Qe7 Pg6h4d5 Sh2c4 Ra2a7 black Pg7c5d6 Sd1 Bh8 Ke1 Rb4
s#9 AntiCircé(11+7)


2 - h#4,5 AntiCirce

Sobrecases, G.

white Kg3 Bd1 Sb1 black Pe6g5g4f3e3d3c2b2 Kc4 Re2 Sh2
h#4,5 AntiCirce(3+11)


3 - h=2,5 Duplex Masand

duplex : the statement is valid for both sides

. masand: a unit that checks causes the units it observes to change colour, Kings excepted

Stun, J.

white Ke5 Sh1 black Kc3 Ra2
h=2,5 duplex masand(2+2)
b) Ch1-->e1



4 - h#2,5 Ghost Chess swapping Kings

Ghost chess a piece can play normally or from its original square

. swapping Kings put in check, Kings swap places

Foster, G.

neutral Pe7a7 black Ke5 white Kd8
h#2.5 fantômes Rois permutant(1+1+2)
2 sol.


5 - serial #5 Köko

Köko : at the end of a move, the unit that has played must be in contact with another piece

Glass, G.

white Pg7 Ke5 Bf8 black Ka8
ser-#5 Köko(3+1)
b) Tf8


6 - serial s#7 Circe

circe captured unit is reborn on its native square

Laborczi, Z.

white Pb7h7e5 Ke3 black Qb8 Pg4 Ke1
ser-s#7 Circe (4+3)
2 sol.


7 - h#5 with Double Grasshopper

Grasshopper : moves on the Queen's lines with the help of a sautoir behind which it lands.
. It is necessary that the arrival square is free or occupied by an opposing piece
. Double Grasshopper: makes 2 grasshopper steps in a row.

Kotesovec, V.

white DGf5h3a3c1 black Ke6
4 sol.
f5, h3, a3, c1: Double Sauterelle


8 - #2 Annan

Annan A unit acquires the march of the friendly unit below it. For example the Na3,
because of Ba2, is momentarily a bishop that nails Rb4. But the Bc1, now a pawn (because of c2)
does not nail Nf4, any more than bQ pinss wR.

Gockel, H.

white Be2a2 Kh6 Qd3 Pc4b2 Sf4a3 Re6 black Bc1 Kc5 Qb6 Pf5c2b7d4 Sh4f1 Rb4
#2 Annan(9+10)


9 - #2 vertical cylinder with Nightriders

vertical cylinder the chessboard is a cylinder whose columns a and h are the contact lines
Nightrider : extended Knight

Chicco, A.

white Qd7 Ph5h4g4c5 Kh8 Ng1d8 black Bg6 Kh6 Nc1d1e1 Pg5b7b6a5b4 Sb1 Rf7b3
#2 vertical cylindric (8+13)
g1, d8, c1, d1, e1: Nightriders


10 - h#4 Functionnaries

Dietrich, St

white Kc3 Bd4 Sc2 black Sc4d2 Kc1
h#4 Functionnaries(3+3)
b) Kings moved one square right
Functionnaries : a unit can only move, and "a fortiori" capture, if it is threatened (observed) by an opposing unit


11 - #2 Isardam

Caillaud, M.

white Kg1 Pd3g7h7 Rc2 Ba4 Sb1a1 black Pd2c5 Kc3 Rc4 Se4 Ba2
#2 Isardam(8+6)
Isardam : Il est illégal que 2 pièces adverses de même nature s'observent


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