Extract from Julia's website : Julia's Fairies.

Julia Vysotska
The Problemist Supplement,
No.126, Sep-2013, PS2773F

neutral rf6 be3 maa5 mod6 black Pg5 Ke5 white Pd5e4 Kd3
h#2 (3+2+4)
b) a5-->h5
a5: neutral Mao
d6: neutral Moa
f6: neutral Rook
e3: neutral Bishop

} a) {

}1.nMOd6-b5 nMOb5-d4 2.nMAa5-c4 nBe3*d4 # {
Neutral Bishop is pinned by the Mao !

} b) nMAa5-->h5 {

} 1.nMAh5-g7 nMAg7-e6 2.nMOd6-f7 nRf6*e6 # {
And now, it's the neutral Rook which is pinned by the Moa !!

Nice !
The funny thing here is that the neutral mating piece is pinned every time by a "creeping" neutral piece,
which gives this problem a nice unity
a little reminder about Mao and Moa :

Mao : a Mao first makes an orthogonal step (on a square which must be empty), then a diagonal step.
Moa : a Moa first makes a diagonal step (on a square that must be empty), then an orthogonal step

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