june 7 2011

Sorry for the delay due to the volume of work and the volume of the report that had to be shared.
the key to the club now seems more difficult to find than the key of problems presented by the Master.
This session saw a simultaneous and massive arrival of the hard core of fairy lovers, including a renaissance Circe from our friend Pierre.
Also in the crowd were Grand-Master Michel, the (future) Master Guy and Eric.
a quality assistance, so.

to engage, a minimal position.
As it is almost impossible to find it, you are entitled to the solution

1 - réciprocal h=5 - opposite pawn Sentinels

(Dedicated to G.Foster)
Mat Plus, 2009

neutral Ka7
hr=5 adv p. Sentinels(0+0+1)
b) Ra7-->c7
c) Ra7-->a3
d) Ra7-->a2

Master's words

Some diagrams for the summer. Poor Daniel has been in great demand lately, where his computer science is doing wonders. Let's offer him two "Abdu" to comfort him. Let's add two problems submitted in recent competitions: one at the Lithuanian championship, the other at the Belgrade festival, brilliantly won by our Grand-Master Michel. Four problems, but 14 solutions.


The #2 of our venerable compatriot from Marseille is far from being trivial. The four #3s are very different: the first one is pleasant, with 5 or 6 false leads all the same. The next one has two candidate moves, but one is the try, the other is the key. The last two are great style , from the duo Burger-Matthews. Despite this co-author, it is not "fast food" but slow tasting. The second was scandalously underrated by the judge, probably falling into the trap of symmetry. It is however the best performance of the famous duo, according to RM itself. This confirms me in my thirty-year old habit of not giving the references, nor the rewards of the problems I propose.


A few multimoves: a fun Swiss #5 where you can't skimp. In economic #6, it would be easy if the White King was in h4, wouldn't it? The other #6 is one of the rare compositions I was able to find from a former solutionist French champion. Cute and very easy.


I end with two long problems and a selfmate of my favourite composer. In these three problems I inexplicably forgot to remove the solution.


The fairy-tale course will be transmitted by our master-tabellion.


I wish you a relaxing and instructive summer. God bless you. Enjoy yourself.



Sentinels with opponent's pawn : a piece which plays " defecates " an opponent's pawn on the starting square of the move
reciprocal helpmate : unlike the normal helpmate, Black also have the possibility to stalemate (or checkmate) White at their last move
The computer has been very helpful, but all in all, it's pretty nice.

And now a historical work with 11 masts by Sauterelle, a record.

2 - #2 with Grasshoppers

& Jean-Pierre BOYER
Feenschach, 1965

white Pe2e4g4g7 Sa6 Bb7 Kh3 Gc7b4d1e1g3f3 black Ba2 Gc3f4h2 Ka5 Pb5a4b3h4 Sa7 Ra8
c7, b4, d1, e1, g3, f3, c3, f4, h2: Sauterelles
A real task at the time.
Small anecdote: the Master in his youth, strongly contributed to the correction of the problems with Grasshoppers.
It is a pity that his name does not appear on the problems of Jean Oudot, whose affection for the Grasshoppers was obvious..

A short passage through the AntiCirce

3 - #2 AntiCirce with Rose and Equihoppers

The Problemist, 2005
1st Prize

white Bc5c2 Kf7 Qd7 Pe6 Sc7g4 Re2 ROa1 EQh4g5h7 black Ba7 Ke4 Pb5c6e7f6g6g7d4d3 Se3a2 Rb6 EQd2
#2 AntiCirce(12+14)
a1: Rose
h4, g5, h7, d2: Equihoppers
AntiCirce : the capturing piece is reborn on its original square if this one is free, otherwise capture is illegal
. A fairy piece is considered to be a promotion piece and is therefore reborn on the promotion square of the column where it captures
Equihopper : jumper performing an equipollent movement in relation to the sautoir, Eh7 can jump in f5 or f3 via g6 and g5
Rose : Extended circular step jumper. ROa1 can take d4 via b3 which makes it reborn in d8

There is an ABC cycle in this problem.

The great Hans Peter Rehm at work

4 - #10 with Paos, Vaos, Lion and Bishop-Lion

Hans Peter REHM
Phénix, 2000

white VAe4 Be6g1 Kc8 LIg5 Sb7 PAb8 black BLf2b2 Pa6g7f4g3h3 Kc6 PAa3 Sh8c3
g5: Lion
b8, a3: Pao
e4: Vao
f2, b2: Bishop-Lion
Vao : moves like a Bishop and needs to take beyond the sautoir
Bishop-Lion : as above, but whatever the move, needs a sautoir
Lion : as above, but with the Queen's movement characteristics
Pao : like the Vao, but with the Rook walk

A very beautiful mechanism.

A Czech author to follow

5 - #2 AntiCirce with Lions

The Problemist, 2009

white Pf3g7 Sd2 Bd1h8 Kf4 LIa4a5e1 black Bf8 Kb2 LIb3g4 Ph7e2g2 Sb8e7 Rg1
#2 AntiCirce(9+10)
a4, a5, e1, b3, g4: Lions
AntiCice with capture on rebirth squares allowed

A very nice problem with a surprising key

We continue with the great Australian guru of drawer statements

6 - h=8 Chameleon Maximum Exchange Circe


white Bg1 black Pa2b2c2d2e2f2g2h2 Ka1
h=8 Chameleon(1+9)
Exchange Circe (PWC)
Maximum : black plays the longest legal moves geometrically
Chameleon : C-F-T-D-C cycle
Exchange Circe (PWC) : the captured piece is reborn on the starting square of the capturing piece's move

A challenge for the solutionist !

The self-helpmate that Guy has in affection.

7 - hs#3 Circe with Leos and Pao

Mat Plus, 2008

white Pb7d2e2e4e6h3 Kh1 Bb8 LEg2f3 black Bf6 PAc1 Kc6 LEd5 Qg3 Pb2g6c5 Ra2
hs#3 Circé(10+9)
c1: Pao
g2, f3, d5: Leo
self-helpmate : like selfmate, except that Black helps White, and at the last move, White forces Black to checkmate them.
Leo : moves like a Queen and needs a sautoir to capture
Pao : as above, but moves like a Rook

On change de catégorie.

8 - h=9

(Dédié à R.Tomasevic)
StrateGems, 2009
1st Prize

white Pb7a4e7 Ka8 Se8 black Pa2e2g2c6d7h5f6 Sg7h6 Bb1h8 Kh7 Rf5
Promotion, more promotion, always more promotion.

More promotion with the following.

9 - series #5 - Circe with Nightriders

The Problemist, 2008

white Pb7d7f7g7h7 Kh3 black Be8g1c4 Ka5 Ng8c2 Qh8 Pd5 Sc3 Rb1
ser#5 Circé(4+5)
g8, c2: Nightriders
Nightrider : Extended Knight NRc2 can go to b4, a6 or d4, e6, f8 or e3, g4, and finally a1 and e1.

A genre very rarely discussed in the Master's fairy sessions, despite the natural tendencies of the members of the Saint-Lazare club..

10 - h#2 Fuddled Men

The Problemist, 2010

white Pg2 Kh1 Rh4 Be1 black Qg6 Rh8a1 Ka8 Bc8
h#2 Fuddled Men(4+5)
2 solutions
Fuddled Man : a piece after playing must "rest" and wait before replaying.
Very interesting

A little Feather as an meal's appetizer for which our friend Guy has given us the slip.

11 - Aidé de série 50 coups - Circé échange (PWC) avec Tour-Locuste

The Problemist Supplement, 2010

white Ke3 Bh1 LRb6c7 black Ka1
ser-h#50 exchange Circe (PWC)(4+1)
b6, c7: Rook-Locuste
Rook-Locuste : moves like a Locust but only on the lines of the Rook

To look for, because it is accessible and there is not too much choice.

And now, a fairy study for "almost normal" chess players

12 - White to play and draw - Circé


white Pa7b6b3 Ka4 Bc7 black Pc6e6d4 Re8 Bb4 Kb7
= Circé(5+6)
Quite easy but very elegant

A splendid fairy PG as main course.

13 - PG 10 Lortap (Elliuortap in french verlan)

The Problemist, 2009

white Bc1f1 Ke1 Qd1 Pa2b2c2d2e2f2g2h2 Sb1g1 Rh1a1 black Bc8f8 Ke8 Qd8 Ph7g7f7e7d7c7b7a7 Sg8b8 Rh8a8
PG 10 Lortap(16+16)
Elliuortap : a piece can only take if it is not observed by a piece of its camp

don't hesitate to look for it, it is full of surprises.

14 - h=3 Parrain Circe


neutral Pf6 Bc7 black Ke3 white Ke6 Sd3
h=3 Parrain Circe(2+1+2)
2 solutions
Parrain Circe : a captured piece remains "in the air" and makes an equipollent movement to the piece that plays immediately afterwards.

For dessert, here are the marine pieces.
As Daniel pointed out, in great shape, the Master did not want to show this problem to Guy for fear that "les pièces marines le peinent".

15 - h#2 with marine pieces


white Pd2 Ka2 Ba1 SIb6 black NDb1 Kd5 Rb5 TRb4
2 solutions
b4: Triton
b6: Siren
b1: Nereïde
Triton : move like a Rook and capture like a Locust
Siren : as above but with the Queen's March
Nereide : as above but with the Bishop's March

and a last one for the road.

16 - h=2,5 - AntiCirce Cheylan with NightRiders

Zdravko MASLAR
Diagrammes, 1981

white Qg3 Pb2 Kf4 Bf2c4 Ng2 black Pc2c3 Kf1 Ba5 Na1
h=2,5 AntiCirce Cheylan(6+5)
b) NRg2=Ng2
g2, a1: NightRiders
AntiCirce Cheylan : capture on the rebirth square is forbidden as shown in the diagram

I hope not to have been too long in this report.
You will find below the electronic version of the Master which does not contain the same information as the text version, the fairies and Chess Base not being good swimming.
I still have a few words to wish you a good read and a good summer rest.
Friendly Yours

Le greffier

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